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A Bowling Extravaganza!

I wanted to share what a great time I had on Saturday at Point2's 60's Bowling Extravoganza!  This is one of the many great things that come with being an employee of Point2.

A couple months ago, Patti and I (Patti is our Office Assistant, and fellow member of the Point2 Social Committee) started to brainstorm ideas for a BIG company event, something that was family-friendly, and lots of people would participate in.  Outdoor events were out of the question as it is verrrrry cold here in Saskatchewan, and we thought a swimming event would be fun, however, being cold out, we didn't want anyone to get sick from walking outside with wet hair.  So, one night, I was sitting at home and it dawned on me: 'A Bowling Event!'  The next morning, I raced up the stairs to find Patti and tell her about my idea.  We decided that a bowling event would be good, but how could we make it GREAT?  How about a 60's themed Bowling Extravaganza?!  And that was it... 60's it was!

We then got in contact with Farehaven Bowl here in Saskatoon and booked the whole alley for 3 hours.  The alley also had a restaraunt so they took care of the catering and served a buffet-style dinner: typical 60's burgers and fries with floats.  It was great, even Jan (the waitress) rented a 60's style waitress outfit (you know, like the ones they used to wear at A&W with the roller skates).  The service that we received from the staff at Fairhaven was second to none.  I give them 5 stars!

'Twas the week before the event and we were busy making posters, shopping for prizes, sending email reminders, planning how the event was going to roll out, downloading music for a custom playlist (to be honest, I'm still listening to it - I didn't really realize how great 60's music was!) and the best part: outfits!

I was more than surprised at the number of people who dug out their best 60's gear and rocked it down the lanes!  Right from true hippy to 60's gogo girls, the effort put into the get-up was unforgettable.  To a person walking into the alley and not knowing that an event was taking place, they would have sworn they had entered a time machine and were brought to the true 60's.

One might say that the prizes we gave away was the best part of the night, but I'd have to disagree.  Just being there with a room full of people who are genuinely having a great time and enjoying themselves was the best reward for all the work that was put into coordinating this event.  For anyone reading this who attended the event, thank-you! 

Riana Back
Point2 Agent Education Specialist

Posted: Monday, March 16, 2009 3:34 PM by Riana Back


Point2 Agent Education said:

While Riana was busy bowling in the 60's , I was grooving to disco and rock hits of the 70's

# June 25, 2009 10:39 AM
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