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Increase your wallet, not your credit card bill


Here are 10 money saving tips to help you increase your wallet, not your credit card bill in these hard economic times.

1.    Slow down your internet service. I downgraded my internet service through my cable company, saving me money, and I haven’t noticed
       a difference when surfing the Net.

2.    Read magazines online. Magazine subscriptions can cost a small fortune.  Most magazines you can read for free online, which also saves
       paper  and the environment.

3.    Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFLs) bulbs. These lights use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer.  They
       won’t work in every light fixture, and they take a little getting used to, but using them where you can will save energy and money.

4.    Get rid of your home telephone. If you’re comfortable relying on your cell phone, there’s no reason to keep a
       land line. If you want to keep your home telephone, try reducing your service to the minimum and use the
       phone only in emergencies.

5.    Stop buying name brand medicines. Over-the-counter generic medicines are the same as their branded
       competitors and cost less.

6.    Shut vents in unused rooms. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have forced air heating, but shutting vents in
       rooms you don’t use can save on your heating and cooling bill.

7.    Take your lunch to work.  Going out for lunch is fun, so don’t take it out completely. However, taking lunch to work will help keep money in
       your pocket.

8.    Buy energy efficient appliances. Check for the ‘Energy Star’ on appliances and think about the yearly energy cost before buying. 
       Energy efficient appliances cost more, but you will make up the extra cost and then some over the life of the appliance.

9.    Check the insulation in your home. Extra insulation can pay for itself in a year or two, plus it helps save the environment too.

10.   Pay your car insurance semi-annually. Most car insurance companies have different payment options.  Instead of paying monthly or quarterly,
       choose semi-annual payment options. It costs more to pay monthly or quarterly, and twice a year is more convenient anyway.

Posted: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 3:56 PM by Ryan Martens


Point2 Agent Education said:

A friend of mine once asked me: “Ryan, do you pay yourself?” I thought about it for awhile.

# May 17, 2010 1:47 PM
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