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I wasn't born with it...it's Maybelline.

Ever have one of those days?  You wake up feeling and looking like yesterday's leftovers.  Taking a shower doesn't help.  No amount of puffing and teasing your hair makes you feel good.  But then, you use that magical wand on your eyelashes and the world glows a bright white, the choir sings, and you transform into a goddess.

Okay, maybe not a goddess, but you sure feel like one.  And that magical wand?  Mascara.  It lengthens and volumizes and curls and darkens and helps you gain new levels of confidence you didn't think possible only ten seconds prior to using it.  You radiate.  You glow.  You smile.  People notice.

Have a house that isn't moving?  Is it sitting there looking like yesterday's leftovers?  Maybe a fresh coat of paint on the outside or the inside would help.  Encourage your sellers to consider their colour choices and how people perceive those colours.  Red can come across as very agressive, whereas blue is inviting and trustworthy.  Sometimes making a colour alteration can shift the mood of prospective buyers.

Usually, people are encouraged to use neutral colors, as they make rooms seem more expansive and have more potential.  Any color looks good with white because white is so flexible.  This provides potential buyers the chance to envision their furniture in that space, the possibilities for decorating, and also refracts the light to make it seem warm, cheery, and large, no matter how small the room or house is.

Maybe the house didn't need to be born with it.  Maybe it just needs Maybelline some fresh paint.

Hey, it worked for me this morning! :)


~ Tanya Spilchak, Education Coordinator

Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2010 11:51 AM by Tanya Fears
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