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Having Trouble Uploading Your Photos? Try These Quick Steps!

Photo Requirements for Point2 Agent

·         For listing photos - if the file sizesof the photos are larger than 500 KB, or up into the 1MB or larger size, it is recommended that you upload them one at a time.

·         Even for smaller photos (e.g.100-400KB), the number of photos uploaded at once may need to be limited.

·           Photos must be saved as either .jpg or.gif file extension.  These are the two most common image file extensions,and are the only image file types that are compatible with the Point2 Agent software.

·         File name and folder names cannot include symbols (e.g. photo#1-trip.jpg) If this is the case, the file must be renamed with these requirements in mind.

·        File path for the photo must not exceed 250 characters.

Issue: You are attempting to add photos to your Point2 Agent account, however the photo box appears blue or black, or is a white text box that contains a Red X.

Troubleshoot:  Ask yourself, is this a first time photo upload, or have you successfully uploaded photos to your account previously.

If this is your first time uploading a photo to your Point2 Agent Account:

·        When first attempting to upload an image to your account, a Security Warning screen will open asking you to install Java, which will be required for you to be able to add images to your website.  Instructions can be found here on how to install Java so that you may upload photos to your website.

If you have successfully uploaded images to your Point2 Agent Account in the past:

·        There may be a program that has been enabled in your browser that is set to block pop-ups.  For example, a Google toolbar has an option that will allow for the blocking of pop-ups. If a Google toolbar or another program is in place to block pop-ups, please disable temporarily so that the security warning can be accepted.

If the issue persists, please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Browser Settings (For Internet Explorer 7 or 8)

Clear your Internet Cache, and Cookie Files.

1.      Open an Internet Explorer Browser

2.      From the Tools menu, within the Internet Explorer Browser, select Internet Options

3.      Click the Delete button, then select the Cookies checkbox

4.      Click the Delete button at the bottom of the page to remove all cookies stored on your computer

5.      You can then click OK to close the Internet Options window

Reset Your Internet Explorer Security Settings

1.      Open an Internet Explorer Browser

2.      From the Tools menu, select Internet Options

3.      Click on the Security tab

4.      Select Custom Level

5.      In the Resetto: drop down menu, select Medium

6.      Then click Reset. If your settings are already at medium please do this step anyway

7.      Click OK to confirm reset

8.      Go to the Advanced tab

9.      Under Browsing,uncheck the option Enablethird-party Browser Extensions. This requires restart

10.    Click Apply,then click OK

11.    Restart your computer

12.    Login to your Point2 Agent Online Office and try uploading photos again

Computer Security

Do you have an Anti-Virus or Firewall program installed on your computer?

·        Your Anti-Virus program may have to be disabled in order to upload photos to your listings, as well as adding youruser photo and logo.

·        You must disable the program entirely,not just some of the individual applications within the anti-virus program.

·        If you are using a Firewall program then you may need to disable those as well, or change some settings within that program.

·        You may also want to try adding your domain name to a Trusted Sites list for those programs.

**Please note: Point2 Customer Care Representatives cannot assist with disabling anti-virus programs,and we only suggest doing so for troubleshooting purposes.  We do not recommend that you leave your anti-virus software disabled once testing has been done.  If, by disabling your anti-virus software, you are able to add photos, we recommend that you contact your anti-virus software provider for assistance in adjusting the software settings to allow your Point2 Agent site to function properly.**

If you are still experiencing difficulties uploading photos to your website, please contact our Customer Care team at customercare@point2agent.com or call them at toll free 1-866-977-1777.

Posted: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 1:11 PM by Ryan Martens


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