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  • Food for Thought: End Website Form Spam

    As part of our 2009 feature enhancement plan, Point2 Agent now provides spam protection for online forms!  Captcha requires users to enter in the letters and numbers shown in an image before the form can be submitted through your website, thereby preventing spammers from submitting their messages through your site.  Using an example ...
    Posted to Point2 Agent Education (Weblog) by 668781 on August 24, 2009
  • Food for Thought: The Point2 Agent Neighborhood advantage

    First off, let's start with what a Neighborhood is, then we'll move on to how participating in this program can benefit you. A Neighborhood Expert is the sole, exclusive representative of his or her neighborhood.  All consumers looking at homes in that area are met with the expert’s photo, contact information, and a ...
    Posted to Point2 Agent Education (Weblog) by 663300 on May 25, 2009